Matthew Kenna DC BSc MSc(Chiro) MRCC LRCC(Animal) is an equine, canine and human chiropractor working in Berkshire, Dorset, Hampshire, Surrey and West Sussex.

He treats a variety of horses, from high goal polo ponies and Grand Prix dressage horses to the friendly hacking horse! He owns four of his own and it was through getting them treated that inspired him to pursue a career in which he could give back to the animals he loves so dearly.

Matt also works with racing greyhounds, hunting dogs, sled dogs and every bodies favourite, the sofa dog! (Matt and his wife Sophie own three whippets with eleven legs between them!)

As well as helping our four legged friends, Matt also works in what he likes to call “two legged practise”, working with a variety of patients from those with day to day complaints to elite sportsmen competing in the Premier League and International Athletes, on the world stage in a wide range of sports including Polo, Eventing, Rugby and Martial arts.

Matt also writes regularly for equestrian publications.

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