About Us

Matt believes that every horse and dog should be given the opportunity to be able to reach their full potential every day, much like he does with humans. We weren’t born to be in pain daily and not moving properly, so why should our animals?


Having benefitted from chiropractic care himself after a string of bad luck, a bad car crash, rugby injury and other sports injuries, he went on to study as a chiropractor at The AECC in Bournemouth. Whilst studying he met his wife Sophie, an avid polo player, who started teaching him everything about the sport, from grooming and horse care to riding. Through Sophie, he me a professional polo player, whom he went on to groom for in exchange for polo lessons having caught the bug and falling in love with everything equine.


After five years studying to treat humans, he went on to study Sports Chiropractic and has been involved with numerous high performance athletes including high goal polo players, dressage riders, downhill mountain biker riders, international hockey players and freestyle kayakers and he is currently actively working as a first team chiropractor in the Premier League


Having seen the benefits of veterinary chiropractic with his three legged whippet Peanut, Matt went on to studying Veterinary Chiropractic with the IAVC (International Academy of Veterinary Chiropractic) and just like his human practise, regularly attends courses across Europe to continue his development as a practitioner.


When not working, Matt loves to watch and play polo and spend time with his wife Sophie and their two whippets, Darcy and Peanut and their horses, riding as much as possible.

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