Does your dog enjoy agility or love to walk and chase its ball around? Has it stopped wanting to do so recently or is it struggling to perform tasks that previously it wouldn’t? Many dogs out there that have experienced these problems have benefitted and currently are still benefitting from veterinary chiropractic care.


Canine chiropractic does not replace normal veterinary treatment; it provides an additional, holistic therapy for dogs with spinal and joint problems related to biomechanical issues and musculoskeletal disorders.


Has your dog-changed in regards to performance or personality or have they been experiencing any of the symptoms below?


  • Pain when being petted, lifted or groomed?
  • Struggling when going up and downstairs?
  • Struggling to get up after lying or sitting?
  • Not so keen to go out on walks or wanting to walk less distance?
  • Changes in attitude or behaviour?
  • Wearing on one side of their claws compared to the other?
  • Lameness/Limping?
  • Altered appetite?
  • Struggling with arthritic or other age related changes?


If you are wondering if your dog could benefit from chiropractic care, then please get in touch and run through the issues you’re having, we are more than happy to discuss your case.