This is what we get out of bed for!

Below are some of the nice things our patients and their owners have to say about us….

“Following a car accident my shoulder pain was diagnosed by an NHS physio as degeneration .     Apparently to  be expected at my age.    It impacted every aspect of my life.  I could not lift heavy things.    Shopping alone was difficult and vacuuming impossible!      When my Chiropractor retired I was nervous  and a tad  embarrassed to see a Chiropractor younger than my own children.   When I met Matt I was swept into the gush of his knowledge of and enthusiasm for the subject.   Matt soon decided something more sinister was lurking and suggested I asked my doctor for a  scan.    It revealed a detached tendon.

With Matt’s advice and treatment I have avoided unnecessary interventive surgery.    He introduced me to something called “exercise” .   It was not easy at first and needed some perseverance on my  part with vast amounts of encouragement from Matt along with suggestions for rehabilitative exercise which has been unbelievably successful.    

Matt is excited about his work.     He is friendly and fun but totally professional,  instantly  putting me at ease.    He is  self motivated and has pursued several additional paths in the process of obtaining a full extensive and rounded knowledge of his profession.  He has even researched my particular problem so he can be the best help he can.       He strives to achieve excellence and his excitement contagious!!”

– Jean, Epsom


I met Matt for the first time today, and was blown away by how patient, kind and knowledgeable he was with my horses. He treated my sometimes-feisty Welsh D with great ease, which is no small feat. He then moved onto my ISH who seemed to fall in love with Matt, and spent most of the session trying to fall asleep on him. Highly recommended. He’s an adept professional and my horses loved him. I could see clear results in how they moved after their treatments too. Thanks Matt

– Evie, Surrey


Matt came to visit my boy who was having some ‘exciting’ schooling moments.

I had had a few different people come to check him before none of which found much wrong with him. He had treatment for ulcers, was up to date with the dentist and had a saddle fitting session. Matt came and spent ages with my boy, he was so thorough. He was really professional and extremely knowledgeable…. and most importantly my boy hasn’t put a foot wrong since!

Highly recommended… thank you Matt!

-Zoe, Berkshire



Thank you Matt for coming out to treat my mare.
Carla had been slipping a lot due to the wet weather and developed some stiffness and soreness through her hindquarters so i asked Matt to come and have a look at her.
Matt was very kind and forgiving, took his time and really put Carla at ease while working, despite being nervous of men for a number of years. She soon relaxed into the treatment and hopefully feels a lot better!
Cannot fault MK Equine for the understanding approach and making sure to work with the horse as an individual.

-Tanya, Hampshire


My 20 year old boy had been through a really rough patch with illnesses and had lost almost all his muscle and when I started to bring him back into work it felt like he wanted to give more but instead more often than not we ended up in the air! But after just the first treatment all that has gone and he now really enjoys working again we do have a few moments in the air when he gets a bit over excited.

However none of this would of been possible if it wasn’t for Matt so thank you!

– Chloe, Hampshire