Many top performance horses have been benefit from chiropractic care, from top-level Grand Prix dressage horses to high goal polo ponies. Performance horse owners realise that the benefits gained from chiropractic care can help provide that extra edge but that doesn’t mean that chiropractors just work with top level horses. Most riding horses can benefit from having a healthy, functioning spine, helped by chiropractic care.


Equine chiropractic does not replace normal veterinary treatment; it provides an additional, holistic therapy for horses with spinal and joint problems related to biomechanical issues and musculoskeletal disorders.


If your horse has had any of following, then chiropractic examination and treatment may help:

  • Performance based issues – is it struggling with certain movements or having difficulties during training?
  • Struggling with recovery – is your horse taking longer than expected to recover from activity than you would expect?
  • Has their behaviour changed recently?
  • Does lameness bother your horse intermittently?
  • Is the rider having issues sitting on the horse or tacking it up?
  • Does the horse over-reach, clip its feet or walk differently – noticed by either the rider or observer?


If you are wondering if your horse could benefit from chiropractic care, then please get in touch and run through the issues you’re having, we are more than happy to discuss your case.